Sort by the date that the page last generated a lead


It would be nice to be able to sort landing pages in the “all pages” view by the date that the form was last filled out. This would help root out unused landing pages. Especially helpful when you have 80+ pages.


That’s a great idea Daniel, thanks for posting it!


/resurrecting thread 

This would be awesome. I’d love to be able to sort “all pages” (as well as within groups) by conversions, visits and conversion rate!

also, another idea : 
having a sub “tab” under each page that could be opened, and would show all the active page variants and their metrics (visitors, conversions, conversion rate) within the main pane.


Hi Jay,
I agree this would be fairly handy to have in the app. In fact, we’re actually in the midst of developing some big changes to the UI, including overhauling the stats and conversions - so I’m going to pass this feedback along as well. Some of these changes are fairly far out, but it’s great to hear this validating feedback now so we can plan ahead. Thanks for chiming in here!


awesome - sounds like the team is doing some good stuff! keep me updated! :D