Some niggles / feature requests, some praise


Hey, I have a couple of niggles that I would just like to raise, hope these can be rolled out into future releases:

  • Ability to duplicate multiple elements
  • More support for @font-face - right now we’re applying lots of workarounds which look okay when published but which default to Times when in edit mode (and kinda mean a little guesswork for positioning). Would be good to get some support for custom @font-face kits
  • Visual editor - I use the HTML view myself, but as we’re involving more of the team (who don’t have the HTML / CSS experience I do) they tend to break textual elements.
  • Ability to make images lightbox links (i.e. we need to be able to change the class of an image, something that isn’t possible right now - we’re using a workaround to hard-code it in using the image path.
  • With Salesforce integration, support for lower-end users (although we’re using the cloudsnap workaround right now which works a treat)
  • Ability to white label ‘new lead’ requests (this may be possible with sub-accounts let me know if that’s the case)
  • Configure where your subdomain should point to if a user takes away the page string… again we’re using a redirect workaround on this but it’s a bit of a clunky way to do it.

Now for a bit of balance, some things I love about the new Unbounce update:

  • New UI on overview, looks great
  • Groups - really good, useful feature
  • Out of the box themes for landing pages are great for beginners (although I’ve been with Unbounce for a while so would be great to see more new ones)
  • Subdomain management - this is really slick, enjoy the auto-checking and the ability to switch subdomains on a landing page without having to republish
  • Also the GS page here is awesome…

Great job again guys - look forward to building many more landing pages on the platform, hope you take the above niggles in the improvement spirit they’re intended.



Hey Liam, thanks so much for your feedback! I’ve made issues for any of the suggestions that we aren’t currently working on, a couple of specific notes below:

  1. Making images lightbox links… We do have an issue already for adding class names to any element, but until then I would suggest taking advantage of the “target” attribute on an image. If you have images with links that you want to open in a lightbox, set the target of those images to anything (I use “_blank”) so that your jQuery lightbox selector can look something like this:

$(".lp-pom-image a[target=’_blank’]").fancybox();

  1. White labeling the ‘new lead’ emails… This is nearly complete and will be released in the next few weeks along with our big multi-user and multi-client management features.

Thanks again for your notes. As we fix/build things that you’ve mentioned, we’ll try and keep this thread updated.



Hey Liam,
Just FYI, we just launched a new feature that will allow you to edit or “white label” the content of “new lead” email notifications. You can edit the template for all integrations in a sub-account by choosing the approriate sub-account from the dropdown menu, going to “settings” (in the bottom left of the UI) and choosing “email template”.

If you’re curious about the other changes we rolled out, check out this landing page:

Let us know what you think!


P.S. Please note, you can’t yet edit the from ‘email’ although you can edit the ‘name’. If your client is really observant they might notice that the emails are coming from - this is something we’d like to make editable as well in the future, but it has some deliverability implications that we need to sort out first.