Some jQuery Working but others not


I previously posted regarding the use of 2 jQuery libraries on the same page. Using the noConflict I’ve manged to get some of it to work but not others please could somebody have a look at my page and tell me why.

Scroll to top is working and add placeholder text but not fancybox or scroll to anchor

My page is… please view the source code.



Hi Quinn,

How do you get that script to run first? Each script is added separately to the library and the query one is the only one that has to be added to the page. The rest are in the Shared Library (Google Analytics, error handling, etc)

Your help is greatly appreciated. (especially since 2 days ago Adwords is not reporting any more conversions in spite of having conversions on unbounce)


Hi Jev - I think Mark may have answered this question for you via email, but in case anyone else is running into a similar issue, I’ll note the solution here as well.

If you are adding a different version of jQuery to your page, you’ll want to make sure it’s the first item in your Javascripts panel that’s added to the head of the page (if you have a script that’s set to the head that’s already higher, just add the whole script tag that calls on whichever version you’re using above that script in the same entry).

Most scripts that rely on jQuery need the jQuery to load on the page first, so you’re adding a different version manually, you’ll want it above any other scripts.