Social Share Widget Available as Conversion Goal


I was surprised to find that the default included social share widget is not available to make a conversion goal from. Is this something that is planned? Or is there a reason it can’t be done?

In my case, I created a Webinar sign-up page, which routes you to a Thank You/Confirmation page. The only further action on that page, is to share it. But this would still be useful to track.

I understand it wouldn’t be possible to break it down by which network(s) they shared on - but any interaction with the widget could be easily counted.

Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, I did a quick search and couldn’t find mention of it.



Hey Simon! 
Thanks for chiming in with this idea. We don’t offer the current Social Share widgets as conversion goals by default, simply because the way the social shares are currently implemented are more or less by using their default embed codes from each social network. This conflicts with how links are tracked internally with Unbounce (by using the /clkn/ wrapper) so in order for us to tackle this we would need to get crafty and re-work the embedded share functionality all together.

So far, we haven’t heard much feedback about tracking social activity as a goal in Unbounce, but if this idea builds up enough steam we’d love to build this into the app at some point. I’ll move this to ‘Under Consideration’ and leave the topic open for voting. :) 

In the meantime, if you’re using Google Analytics you should be able to still track these events in your GA account. Hopefully this works out for you in the meantime!


Hey Justin,

I would like to support Simon and take it a step further: the whole purpose of unbounce is to create better landingpages. And the purpose of a good landingpage is to convert. 

So far I am a fan of unbounce. You boosted my conversions up to a new point. But now I am six months down the road and want to boost conversions to the next level.

And this is where I miss a lot of tools with unbounce.

Tools like a countdown timer and a social share link to tell a friend are not just unavailable but also (almost) impossible to set up and integrate.

This is definetly a point to improve.

I really don’t like saying this but if there is a provider that delivers these tools and does take my conversions (and others) to the next level I would be stupid to hang around in unbounce.

A good entrepreneur always tries to double the score.

Hope that helps.

Have a great day, Robert