Social Proof Widgets on an Unbounce Page?


Has anyone tested tools like Proof, Fomo, or a similar script that adds a little social proof widget to the bottom on an Unbounce page?

If so, did you find that they helped conversions at all? I see these types of things popping up on more and more sites now.


Hey @Nicholas,

I know @Alex_Scovell did some A/B testing around a similar tool just not sure if it was one of these two.

You can ping him on Slack for more details.

Based on my experience, it really comes down to the nature of the offer. It works well sometimes for eCommerce but not so much for lead generation.



Hey @Nicholas – obviously circling around to this a bit late but just came across your question. I work for Fomo and we actually now have an integration for Unbounce that recently launched. Blog post on this here.

There’s a link in that post to get an extended trial with us and we’d love to know how things go.

Of course, @Hristian has a point – how these kinds of tools work is somewhat site-dependent. Conversion rate lifts (based on our monitoring) tends to be anything from 5% to 30% and things are much more clear when customers add analytics to their dashboard. With that extra step, we can attribute conversions to Fomo notifications directly and track real ROI.

We’ve invested a lot of energy into making the way you use notifications highly customizable (design templates, custom CSS, rules, etc.) and want Fomo to be totally on-brand for our users. That’s also why we keep away form adding our name to things.

I hope you’ve found a solution that works for you and feel free to reach out to us any time,

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