Social Message to download a file


I want to know if there is a way I can offer a free download that people can access only after they have shared a message I create on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. I found a video (…) that talks a little bit about it and you can hear it starts at 12 minutes 30 seconds in the video.

Let me know if this can be done on unbounce?


Hi Jonathan - You can definitely do this with your Unbounce pages, using services like Pay with a Tweet (that’s mentioned in the video). If you head over to, you can sign up for a plan that suits your needs (they start at free), format your “pay for a post” buttons there and then embed them onto your Unbounce pages as custom HTML elements.

Once you have the embed codes from Pay with a Tweet, just drag a custom HTML element on your page (it’s the widget in the left hand panel with the angled brackets), and then paste your embed code there.