Social media template - ETA?



When do you expect to launch out the template that includes the Facebook/Twitter functionality?


Hi Awesomeness,
Awesome name btw…

What type of FB/TW functionality do you need. If you can give me a list that would help:


  • Follow on TW
  • Like on FB
  • Share on TW
  • Show FB Like Box
  • Twitter favs feed

And what you are hoping they will do for your page(s).

Also what type of pages you’d want them on…

I just added a social viral contest template today - that lets you require that people like you on FB and Tweet your message in order to enter the contest.


Hi Oli

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m keen on having a look at the viral contest template. But after looking through all the templates, can’t seem to find it at all (or am I not looking hard enough?)!

I was hoping for the standard follow/likes widgets. But most of all, I was looking for the ability to generate unique URLs for each subscriber – something similar to what LaunchRock does.

I’ve tested LaunchRock for a week now. And whilst it works great, I still think Unbounce is far more powerful (especially if it can emulate similar functions).


Where are you looking for the template? It’s not on the website yet - but it is available inside the app when you create a new page.
When you create a new page, you will see the template chooser screen - scroll through the templates and it’s the 9th one in the list.

What it does is have a Facebook Like box and a Twitter “Tweet This” box - that are suggested to use as part of the contest entry process. Instructions are included on the template for how to make them work.

I’ll also be releasing a different style of viral sharing template shortly.

Could you explain a bit more about the unique URL feature you’re looking for?
Is it so that there is a unique URL that your visitors can share for tracking purposes (this isn’t something we do right now).


Something else of interest is that LaunchRock has an embeddable widget, that you could put right inside your Unbounce landing page (by pasting their embed code into a “Custom HTML” element on your page.