Social Media Script Not Working



We use a tool called (aka Flare, recently acquired by ShareThis) on our blog and website and I would like to extend it to our landing page, on a page by page basis. It seems pretty straightforward, in that I would add the script they provide before the close of the tag or tag, as per their directions.

However, no matter what I do, I cannot get this tool’s external share buttons to appear on my landing page(s).

Here is the support article from the tool’s website on connecting your website to a static HTML website, which is the closest thing I can figure for an unbounce landing page.

the other options for support articles on adding their code to your website are:
Connecting your website: WordPress (with plugin)
Connecting your website: Blogger
Connecting your website: WordPress (Manual installation for nerds)
Connecting your website: Static HTML
Connecting your website: Tumblr
Connecting your website:
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Can I use Filament in my local environment?
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Can anyone help?!


Hi @yoav,

There are dozens of reasons why this tool might not be working on your landing page.

You might want to check-in with the Filament support first and see if they can pinpoint the problem.

If they can’t help, it would be useful if you share the actual page you are trying to install this on.


P.S. Are you using a sub-domain for your Unbounce landing pages or the WordPress plugin?