Social Media Contest Page When Visitor Doesnt have Social Media


How does the social media landing page work when the visitor does not have a twitter account, for example?

It would be great to get all three pieces of information but what if they dont have one?

Also, where do the harvested leads get collected? (I know, dumb question. Still need an answer or direction though)



Hi Alain - In the event they aren’t already logged in, both twitter and facebook will either ask them to sign-in or sign up.

As for where the leads get collected, you can view them in your “page overview” under “view leads”.


So on the viral template, they have to complete items one, two and three to enter. Is that correct? #&(SoSo


Hi Alain - only the email field can actually bet set as required, unfortunately. As Johnny mentioned, your visitors will either have to sign up or sign in to Twitter and Facebook to complete those steps. To confirm that someone has completed all three steps, you’ll have to cross reference the leads, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hope that makes sense but let me know if you have any follow up questions.