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I’ve seen this topic on the boards before, but no one has come up with a solution it seems like. How can we use social accounts to fill in forms? There was a Facebook form fill topic that showed this. Has any work been done for Google??


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That’s a great question. Are you referring to the conversation in our Community about the Facebook Social Login below?

I’ve reached out to @Johnny_Opao regarding this, as he’s the one who posted about that. Though it was a couple years ago, I’m sure he’d have a bit more insight into this. He’s not in the office today, but I’m sure when he has a moment tomorrow we can dig into this a bit more. :slight_smile: Stay tuned!


Hey Ashley

I personally don’t have a solution for Google or any other social platform. Their APIs are quite different so each integration would require a different script to get going.

There is a service called Auth0 that might be helpful. It still requires custom scripting, but it might make the process a lot easier to integrate as they have a step by step tutorial. Check it out:



Would really like to have this type of feature for unbounce forms - it would allow us to verify, with higher accuracy, the leads generated.




Has anyone implemented this successfully? I am struggling and cannot get it to work.


Hi All,

the guide linked here is not quite accurate. The code didn’t work but with some support trouble shooting from both Alberto at Unbounce and especially Ricardo from Auth0 who finally solved the issue I was able to get this to work for both Google and Linked In. Here is script you need to add.

You will have to edit some variables to fit for your pages and do the setup in the Auth0 dashboard as per the guide. This is just the java script to add to the unbounce page.

FULL DISCLAIMER - I am not a programmer and I have not idea what I am doing. However this code worked for me and I think I noted all the variables you have to change. I hope it helps someone.

Google Doc - Unbounce & Auth0 Script