Snap to Section Feature [Implemented]



I’m developing long pages with several sections. It would be very helpful if a click on a Section in the Main Page would result in an automatic snap to the same section in the Content area.

This isn’t currently an option is it?

It would also be great if the Content area would allow me to rearrange the order of the modules.


Note from the Unbounce Team:

Good news! We’ve officially implemented the ‘Snap to Section’ feature. Check out our release notes here:


Hey @Ed_Stanfield!

Are you looking to have users click a button or element and find themselves on the appropriate section? Sorry, not sure I totally understand the question. I’ll be glad to help once I do :slight_smile:


Sure, Let’s say I click on an element in the 5th section of my main page (the center panel), I want the focus to go to that element as well in the Content area (the panel on the left side).

Currently, the Content area never moves unless I drag the scroll bar for that panel. Eventually I will see the element highlighted.

One of my main reasons for doing this is to move horizontal bars. I often use them as separators, and they are extremely hard to select with the mouse click. I normally click on them in the Content panel (which selects them in the Main Page), then use my arrow keys to move them.

Make sense?


Hi @Ed_Stanfield,

A quick tip about horizontal bars I’ve found the hard way… Usually your horizontal bars are 960x1, 1366x1 or some other value x 1.

What I do in these cases is to make the height 10px instead of one. This makes it easier to pick up and place wherever you want with the mouse.

After that, just adjust it back to 1px height and you are done.

Hope this helps you.


P.S. The above assumes you are using a box element with a border at the top only as a horizontal bar.


Hristian: Yes, I’m using the box element for a horizontal bar. That’s a clever suggestion. I just tried it. A simple mouse click still fails to select the bar for me. So, I need to use the left panel to find it and select it - then I can change the size and drag to a new position.

I noted there is a divider in the new in-line editor. But that new editing feature is very buggy, I tried and gave up.



Hey @Ed_Stanfield, I totally feel you. We’ve built long form landing pages and I’ve had a similar experience. Great suggestion!


Hi @Ed_Stanfield

Thanks for the feedback! I’m the new Product Owner for the Content Builder. This is a great idea and something I noticed myself as I was getting familiar with the builder. It seems a straightforward ask and a nice usability improvement. I’ll look into this!




Thanks for your reply. If you need any clarification let me know.



Love the improvement :slight_smile: - can’t think how long i’ve spend digging to find the corresponding bit on the left :slight_smile:


That was fast @Alex_Scovell! Glad to hear you’re enjoying it. :slight_smile:


Good news!

We’ve officially implemented the ‘Snap to Section’ feature. Check out our release notes here:


The new feature is working great. Many thanks to Unbounce for listening to your users. Not very common - great way to build loyalty.


Just a thought - could it work in reverse also? - so select an item in content area and highlights in the build area. Less important but comes up sometimes in my experience (just now!)

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