Smart Traffic Q&A Community Roadshow: Emily Matick

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I’m back! As promised, we’re moving right along on the Smart Traffic Q&A Community Roadshow, this week with our Customer Marketing Strategist @Emily_Matick :sparkles:

Backstory for anyone who is thinking this is brand new information: I’m sharing interviews with some of the masterminds behind Smart Traffic here in the community. We put various Unbouncers in the hot seat and asked them all our burning questions (these questions were curated by the most frequently asked questions that we received from you – brilliant marketers).

Smart Traffic is impressive, but it’s also new, and savvy marketers like yourself aren’t going to blindly switch anything on on your campaigns unless you’ve done your homework.

This series of questions has been directed at Emily Matick. Emily has led the Unbounce team in our efforts to drive awareness of Smart Traffic for our customers. This means that she is our go-to for any questions about how Smart Traffic is designed to meet the needs of our customers, and how we can most effectively share enough information with you so that you know what to do next with Smart Traffic. She’s also a bass player and she has a big crush on Jeff Goldblum.

Now, let’s get to the Q&A!

1. As a marketing agency that uses Unbounce, how can I explain Smart Traffic to my clients?

When clients partner with agencies, no matter how specific the challenge is or high their level of expertise, there’s always some messaging or market opportunities that get left behind. With so many directions to take a client’s strategy, budget, market shifts, or just plain old time can get in your way of taking every one of those directions for your clients.

As a tool, Smart Traffic lets you lean on the speed and certainty of new AI technology to keep those additional opportunities (and their potential conversions) on the table.

From testing different headlines, copy, images, or experimenting with totally different page formats, using Smart Traffic lets you speak to more audiences and verticals—without having to reroute entire budgets or strategies.

Not to mention, it allows for testing while you’re still getting optimum conversions. Amirite, clients?

Potential customers, no matter the vertical, aren’t all the same—and their needs and preferences are likely changing incrementally all the time. Smart Traffic is a tool we designed that continuously “learns on the job” how to best serve your client’s visitors with each visit, providing them with the options they’re most likely to convert on. It’s easy-to-use AI that will make you, and your clients, look good. Pretty smart, if you ask us.

2. A/B testing helped me to pinpoint the tactics that led to a higher conversion rate, how can I do the same thing with Smart Traffic?

The beauty of Smart Traffic is that it needs less of the hard pinpointing work. The machine does it for you, leaving out the element of “guesswork” and limitations inherent in a typical A/B test. You can go as granular as you want with Smart Traffic testing, such as trying out multiple headlines at once, or go big by trying out different messaging strategies or page layouts altogether. The key to success here, though, is dropping the mentality of taking the “high performers” and amalgamating them into one master landing page. Why?

Tommy says it best: With A/B testing, even if you find the “best” variant after rounds of testing, that will be shown to your entire audience. Really, what you’ve found is the “best average” landing page for your entire audience.

Smart Traffic also one-ups an A/B testing approach in that the machine never stops learning, and so it never stops optimizing visitor paths. While the natural marketer’s instinct might be to drop a journey that’s performing lower, Smart Traffic will never stop learning to send visitors to the best page for them, so there’s no detriment in keeping a “bad page” live. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure (or converting page), as they say.

3. Do you have any examples of Smart Traffic increasing conversion rates?

For sure. In fact, there’s probably an Unbounce customer just like you with learnings you can apply. We recently shared some stories of how Unbounce customers ConstructConnect and Dooly used Smart Traffic to crank up their landing page strategy & get some great results with their pages.

ConstructConnect is currently using Smart Traffic to schedule more platform demos, and Dooly is using the power of machine learning to grow their new partner program.

The results are pretty impressive. For our friends at ConstructConnect, in one month, they were able to create an overall conversion rate of over 35%.

4. Does Unbounce use Smart Traffic in its marketing materials? What’s your approach?

Yeah, we sure do! When I’m strategizing a campaign at Unbounce, there’s often no single “right answer” in campaign approach. Ergo, Smart Traffic allows us to better deliver our campaigns across our diverse audiences and customers.

Not only does this work for us at campaign launch, but for some of our campaigns that run on an ‘evergreen’ basis, Smart Traffic is an iterative marketer’s best friend! As we learn more about how our audiences and customers engage with a certain campaign, Smart Traffic makes it easy for us to simply create a variant based on those learnings and send it out into the world to direct more of our traffic to the “best page match” for them. We can learn, scale, iterate, scale, with minimal overhead. It’s a wonderful thing.

PS: If you’re an Unbounce customer and have engaged with any messages from me lately, you might be tickled to hear I’ve been using Smart Traffic to test how we can best educate our customers about Smart Traffic. :shushing_face:I’ve seen about a 19% average conversion rate on those page variants, and growing. Not bad!

5. What’s next for Smart Traffic?

Great question! We’re really excited to double-down on the opportunities that machine-learning will provide our customers: Smart Traffic as it is today is just the beginning. As this new way to test variants, create content, and convert visitors is learning how to improve your strategies and campaigns, we’re learning how to best enable you to be successful with it. The first step? Turn it on.

We’re going to ensure you have a blueprint for using Smart Traffic to your advantage. We’re getting more hands-on and making sure we’re sharing stories from Unbounce customers just like you using this tool to their advantage, so you can be inspired to pair your marketing know-how with the power of machine learning.

If you’re interested in sharing your experience with using Smart Traffic, I’d love to get in touch. (I promise I don’t use Smart Traffic to test out replies in my inbox!)

Finally, Smart Traffic is only the start of a new set of ways we can create higher converting experiences for your audiences, with ease. Our end goal? Drive a new era of marketing centred around conversion intelligence. Stay tuned for more!

As you can see, @Emily_Matick knows her stuff. If there’s anything in here that you’d like her to elaborate on please don’t hesitate to jump into the comments below, she’s not shy. And if you’ve read this far, feel free to share any of your favourite Jeff Goldblum GIFs, she sure would appreciate it.

Stay tuned for our next stop on our Smart Traffic Q&A Community Roadshow where we’ll talk to the brains behind our Customer Success strategy. :nerd_face:

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