Smart Traffic Feature Update

Hey everyone!

Great news! Especially for @cfen :smiley:

When we released Smart Traffic back in April, some of the responses sounded a bit like this…

At the time, it did not, but I’m very happy to say that as of right now Smart Traffic is now compatible with ALL types of conversion tracking! This means you can use it alongside any of your conversion tracking tools (ex: third party forms or payment capture, like Stripe). :tada:

If you’re currently running a page with external conversion tracking (ECT) and want to start using Smart Traffic, simply switch Smart Traffic on on your Page Overview screen and republish your page.

Easy peazy! :lemon:

This has come up in the community before a few times, and I’m excited to close this loop!

That’s all for now, feel free to comment below if you have any questions. Happy Smart Traffic-ing!