Smart Builder Is Finally Here 🎉


Do I have some news for you: Smart Builder (Beta) officially launched on July 19th—and it’s lighting up a path to more conversions. This :clap: is :clap: big.

Discover Smart Builder

What does the future of your small business look like when using Smart Builder? Well, you’ll:

  • Know what converts from the moment you click “create”: Receive personalized insights for improving your landing pages based on data from over 1.5 billion conversions. Skip the guesswork, endless drafts, and iterations, and go straight to scoring leads, sales and signups.
  • Optimize every page from the get-go: Smart Builder creates pre-optimized layouts for your specific campaign needs—so you can connect with more visitors through relevant pages right from launch.
  • Create on-brand landing pages, without the experts: No in-house copywriter, designer, or developer? No problem. With data-backed Copy Insights and a customizable Style Guide, your pages are built for conversion—on any device. Meet your new work BFF.

Now that’s what we’d call a smarter way of building. :wink:

So jump on that 14-day free trial and try it now.

Note: If you’re already an Unbounce customer, Smart Builder should be activated on your account. So next time you go to create a page, you’ll have the option to choose Smart Builder or Classic Builder to create your landing page. (note: some accounts might not have access yet - if that’s the case for you, reach out to our support teams to upgrade your plan)

It’s time to step out of the dark and towards your new conversion potential.

-Sepy from Unbounce

Does Google Tag Manager work with Smart Builder? I’m not seeing any events from a page I built with Smart Builder.

Hey @JayGrayson thanks for the great question. I’m trying to dig up an accurate and detailed response for you right now, but one of our lead product managers (and the point person to respond to this properly) is on holidays until next week. I’ll get you a solid response early next week if that’s okay! Thanks for using Smart Builder, and for popping in here with your Q. Talk soon :slight_smile: