Slow Website Speed Issue

Hello Everyone!
I need some help. Actually my e-commerce Magento development page showing the page speed only 14 (Google Page Insights)which is the poorest one as per my view. Can anyone suggest me any solution to enhance the speed of my website? Thank you!

There’s a few things that could be causing this @SarbjitGrewal, but it’s hard to know for sure.

Typical elements that cause pages to load slowly are:

  • Custom scripts, if this page is heavy in javascript that can sometimes be an issue. If there’s anything there that you don’t need, removing it may speed up the page load.
  • Uncompressed images can also add to page load time. Compressing your images can help.
  • There are a lot of animations on this page, I would test and see if removing some of this helps speed things up.

Since it’s not an Unbounce page I can really only provide pretty general insights. Hopefully this helps a little bit!




Ran it through, Google’s Lighthouse UX tool:

#1 issue = images, which are pretty easy fixes
#2 issue = render-blocking resources, which … are less so
#3 issue = a bunch of unused CSS and JavaScript

All can be remedied. Will take getting your hands dirty, but do-able. Focus on first contentful paint and largest contentful paint. If you get those humming, the rest will come with it.


Big points for the Simpsons reference :star:

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It’s a perfectly cromulent meme.


Thank you, Everyone!! for your valuable replies!