Slow Site Don't know why

Do any of you have an idea why my site is so ridiculously slow to load:


Hey Adam,

I clicked into your page and it loaded pretty quickly for me. Have you tried using the Landing Page Analyzer? It might give you some more insights into this.

I’d start there and then if the slow load time persists, maybe reach out to the Unbounce support team just to be safe? Hope that helps!


Hey @Adam_Lundquist,

Just a quick look over the page shows that the slow down is due to the various scripts being loaded on the page.

The Drift chat widget seems to be the worst offender, followed by numerous Google Fonts, couple of different Google Analytics properties and all the images on the page.

All of these add up and time to first byte is really slow (in the 12-17sec. range).

I would suggest to:

  • Use SVGs where appropriate (logos)
  • Clean up the unused fonts (you should aim for one, two at the most)
  • Defer scripts like the chat widget that you don’t need immediately

After that remove all scripts from the page including GTM and start adding them 1-by-1 while constantly checking the speed through a tool like WebPageTest.


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