Slow loading form confirmation dialogue... can I remove it?


My form confirmation dialog for an email sign-up appears to be blank for several seconds. Is there a way to speed up its load time or remove it completely?

Example page here:

Thanks in advance!


Hey Katie!

I took a look at your page, looks like you’re set up with Wordpress. Your delay is caused by a lot of back and forth communication between Unbounce and your Wordpress before anything can load. Your best option for a faster load time would be to buy a faster Wordpress hosting plan, as they’ll respond faster. If you put your form confirmation URL into Pingdom you can see if there’s a lot of waiting time.

You can also contact your hosting provider to see if there’s a way to lower the connection latency on that end as well.

I wish I had an easier solution to this! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Hey Jess,

Bringing up an old thread here as was searching for this ‘remove confirmation dialogue’ and this was the only thread that I could find easily.
I’d really like to know if removing the dialogue completely is possible? We use separate and complete thank you pages for a number of reasons, and aside from the many technical and tracking abilities they offer us - they also just look a lot better.
I’d really like to remove the confirmation dialogues - hope you can help!


Hi @Revved!

You can change the form confirmation in the editor.
When you click on your form, in the property panel on the right, in the ‘Form Confirmation’ section, select your choice from the confirmation drop down. In your case, since you want to direct them to another thank you page, I would use the ‘Go to URL’ option. When you choose that, it will allow you to enter your url.


Let me know if you need any other assistance!


Hey @Caroline !
Thank you! I just checked and this option is already checked - but wondering how can I then remove the confirmation dialogue completely as well? Even though my page does say ‘Go to URL’ it still shows a form dialogue in the editor.
Thanks again!


Bump! Could really use a reply :slight_smile:


If the form confirmation dialogue isn’t being used, but there is still a form on the page, the form confirmation dialog tab still shows up in the builder. But it won’t be visible on the published page and should not affect load times.


Thank you @Nicholas

“If the form confirmation dialogue isn’t being used, but there is still a form on the page”

Does this imply the form dialogue can be removed? That is what I am trying to do. Do I simply go onto the form dialogue wysiwyg editor and delete everything to remove it?


Maybe I don’t understand the question. Can you explain why you want to remove the form confirmation dialog? Is it due to load times, or something else? That will help me give a better answer.

Bottom line is, just because you see it in the builder, doesn’t mean it’s being used on the live page. And so therefore, there is no need to “remove” it per se.


I’m sorry i didn’t offer any context :roll_eyes:

I am running a number of search engine crawl simulators and trying to improve overall SEO for the domain - and the confirmation form dialogues are being picked up by the simulators as .html pages with no meta data. So I’d really like these completely removed if they are not in use. Never mind that they no doubt add to page weight.

It’s not that this is going to make or break our SEO - it’s more just trying to figure out if I can do something that seems to me to be a strait-forward request - because it’s not obvious as to how I might do it.