Slow loading form confirmation dialogue... can I remove it?


My form confirmation dialog for an email sign-up appears to be blank for several seconds. Is there a way to speed up its load time or remove it completely?

Example page here:

Thanks in advance!


Hey Katie!

I took a look at your page, looks like you’re set up with Wordpress. Your delay is caused by a lot of back and forth communication between Unbounce and your Wordpress before anything can load. Your best option for a faster load time would be to buy a faster Wordpress hosting plan, as they’ll respond faster. If you put your form confirmation URL into Pingdom you can see if there’s a lot of waiting time.

You can also contact your hosting provider to see if there’s a way to lower the connection latency on that end as well.

I wish I had an easier solution to this! Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile: