Sitelinks - no workaround for single domain?


Hi guys. New to the tool. Found the thread from 2014 here where the gist was basically that I have to either have all my site links on the main site or on unbounce, but not across both. Any workaround to this or is this still kind of a clunky thing?


Hey Dan,

You’re asking about Sitelinks within your Google Ads correct?


Hi @kyle Yes; as a function of Unbounce. I really want to use sitelinks on my accounts using Unbounce as they are effective, but it looks like I can’t as a funtion of how unbounce pages are on a subdomain. Workaround?

Thank you!


Okay cool,

With regards to Google Ads, I’m pretty sure the domain in the main Ad must match the domain used in the sitelink extension. Or else there would be a policy violation, although some are allowed under certain circumstances.

Relating to domains used with Unbounce… I use a subdomain for my unbounce pages and I can then use my parent domain in my sitelinks. Everything works just fine :slight_smile:

For example:

links to

LEARN MORE (sitelink)
links to


Yeah, but don’t you want to use cool sitelinks on cool landing pages? Seems we’re both missing the boat there.

I wonder if anyone uses a separate account - seems unreasonably clunky.


You lost me on that question…

Sitelinks in Google Ads are not on a landing page. Below is an example I googled of a Nike ad using sitelink extensions. These can be COMPLETELY CUSTOM, and link to ANY URL on your ad’s domain.

So if you want something cool (which you should, because its cool) then just add your sitelink extension in Google Ads. Sitelink extensions in Google Ads can be a really helpful experience for users. In this Nike example, you may have searched “Nike Shoes” but now you see there is an option for “Jordan Shoes” which just so happened to be exactly what you wanted to look at. Now the user can go directly to a landing page dedicated to it.

Are we still on the same page here? Just trying to be helpful :innocent:


Palm to forehead.

I think I got on a warpath about a perceived flaw and lost track of this; thanks for taking the time to get me back on track. (shaking head…)


No worries Dan!

It may not have the conclusion you hoped for. But we did it together and that’s what matters! :smile: