Site maps?


I have a subdomain ( that I have my unbounce pages on.

I have a sitemap submitted to google webmaster tools (

I added a few of my unbounce pages and I get this error:

URL not allowed
This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location.
Problem detected on: Mar 30, 2011

It looks like I would have to make a new webmaster account for and submit a sitemap that would be in the root of that directory

Is this possible to do?


Hi Thomas,
As far as I know, Google does require a different sitemap for each subdomain (in the root directory of that subdomain). At the moment Unbounce doesn’t let you upload arbitrary files (aside from image assets and downloadable files, but these aren’t necessarily placed in your root directory).

We are planning to allow better file upload abilities, so I will add this use-case to the list. Sorry this isn’t the answer you were hoping for!



Thats good Carter.

Any idea when its going to be done? I think it would be a good one to push sooner rather than later (better SEO means more landings!)


No ETA yet, but I will let you know in this thread as we get closer to it.


Is there any new recommendation about have sitemaps for subdomain?"
I am having the same problem…


sitemap function needed here