SIngle landing page used by multiple sources


I’m close to having my first landing page go out into the big wide world.

My final barrier is tracking the effectiveness of my marketing channels.

Basically, I want to use 3 paid for sources - facebook ads, adwords and tabooloa or outbrain

What I’m struggling with is if someone clicks from (say) adwords and fills out my form, will this be counted as a lead in my Facebook ad dashboard as well? I’ve just tested it out by filling out my form and then filling it out again in incognito mode and I can see facebook has recorded 2 leads so I’m assuming it will.

(i.e. it seems like everytime the form is filled out, regardless of the origin of where the click came from will be counted as a facebook lead in my facebook ad dashboard).

Similarly, if someone lands on my page from facebook, will this be recorded as a conversion in adwords?

I have the adwords conversion script and facebook event script on my form submission.

Is the simple answer to send each of these traffic sources to 3 seperate urls?

I can see a potential solution to this problem here:

…But I don’t think that would stop facebook displaying more leads than has actually been generated by facebook unless I go through the unbounce dashboard (if you see what I mean!)

Any help would be appreciated!



Hey there,

You can have both. You’ll need to make sure you properly place the Facebook Pixel and the AdWords tags to your parent page and the form confirmation page. Those scripts track where the traffic is coming from and counts it for their own system, not both.

There is also a nifty Chrome Add-On for Facebook to see when a webpage fires the Facebook Pixel or not.

A big yes to using UTM parameters in any case! Data, data, and more juicy data :smile:

In my world I use different pages for the different sources. AdWords and Facebook are likely to be very different audiences and it’s better to give them each their desired experience based on the ads they saw. When possible I prefer to design my landing pages to fit with the ads used in the campaign.


Cool. Thanks Kyle!

I’m going to do a bit of both then - create seperate landing pages and use UTM parameters so I know where they have come from when I receive the lead!

I’m having a mild problem according to the facebook pixel helper.
It’s fine until I submit the form - then a yellow triangle says this:

The Facebook pixel activated 2 times on this web page, which can cause errors in your event tracking.

I’ve just tried it again by removing fbq(‘track’, ‘PageView’); on the form dialogue JS leaving only fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’); but it’s just done the same thing. The yellow triangle is next to page view.fb%20tag%20error

Any thoughts on why that might be happening or is this what it’s supposed to do after the form submission buitton has been pressed?



I get the same thing in my pages, but my results are always normal.

My assumption is that it’s because the form confirmation is an iframe opened along with the parent page. I could be wrong, but my campaigns have still always shown the accurate data.