Simplified Cantonese Supported?



Disclaimer: I searched through previous posts for the answer to my question, but was unable to find it. Sorry if this is a re-post :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of our clients would like us to set up landing pages in simplified Cantonese, and we were wondering if Unbounce supports this. I read in a previous post that the platform can accept any language supported by HTML, but I just want to double check before we provide the option and add it to our rate cards.

Thanks in advance!


Hi Ray - simplified Cantonese will be no problem for use on your landing pages. The only thing you’ll likely want to do is force the text right-to-left instead of left-to-right.

You can do this by adding a one line snippet of code to any pages that need it. We’ve got a guide for setting that up here:…


Awesome. I came across the RTL snippet during my earlier search.

Thanks for the confirmation!!