Simple Unbounce page caching fix

Unbounce has a major issue with page caching that could be easily solved. This causes issues when we need to do updates to our landing pages or forms that need to show up for people who have already visited.

A good example is we had to change the dates on our workshop, but now the form is wrong for anyone who has visited already. This also breaks form submissions in many cases!

We are also finding that Edge doesn’t even refresh the form with a hard refresh/reset. But asking potential customers we don’t even know exist to do a hard refresh/reset is not possible.

There is a very simple solution to this we have been using in webdev for a long time. Simple adding a query parameter to the URL with a version number that only changes when the variant is republished. The server doesn’t even have to recognize or consume the query parameter, it is just a way to get the browser to recognize the same URL as a new page.

Here is an example:

This simple example just uses a query parameter of “V” followed by an autogenerated version number or string of any kind. The same can be done after the “.html” of lightbox form URLs.

Again the server will end up just ignoring the V parameter and serve the latest page.

I hope that you will implement this simple fix and reduce the headaches of page caching with Unbounce.

Thank you,


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