Simple A/B Testing Unbounce modal pop-ups using Optimizely


Hi all,

We would like to simple A/B test (show pop-up / not show pop-up) our Unbounce modal pop-ups.

Unfortunately, Unbounce doesn’t provide this function. However, we do currently use Optimizely and I am sure there must be a way to achieve this using them.

Does anyone have any advice on the best way to achieve this using Optimizely?

We would be massively grateful for any help here.



Hey @benlhs,

@Finge, one of the experts here has done a lot of A/B testing of popups. He should be able to give you some guidance.



Hi @benlhs :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume you want to test if CVR is affected having a popup vs not having a popup on a landing page? In that case your test would be as follows:

A) Landing page with popup
B) Landing page without popup

Performing this test is actually very simple. You create an A/B test in Unbounce with 2 page variants. One includes the script for the popup, and the other doesn’t.

Hope this helps :blush:


Hi @Finge,

Thank you for your quick reply!

One thing to clarify, our conversion rate is a registration on a page post-pop up, rather than clicking on the popup itself. Apologies for not being clearer previously.

We are using the GA integration to track whether conversions on the popup register after.

It is my understanding that the GA events tracking works on Unbounce Conversion Goals. With B) there would be no Unbounce Conversion Goal.

If we were to set up the A/B test you have suggested, will we be able to track CVR for those who encounter B) if there is no Unbounce Conversion Goal?

Your help is greatly appreciated.



My pleasure.

Need some clarification. My understanding was that you wanted to track CVR for page A and B - and you wanted to see if the popup had a negative or positive impact. Is this accurate? I guess I would need to know more about the landing page and the popup. What is the call to action on the landing page? What is the call to action on the popup?

In almost all cases we set up a script to fire GA events to Google on form submit, then define goals in GA based on that event. You can do this by using the built in GA integration and adding a short script to the page where you have your form.

Add this script to your landing page before the body end tag:


  eventTracker.trackOne('#lp-pom-form-1', 'Form', 'Submit', 'Lead');


Change lp-pom-form-1 to match your unique form id