Signup security?


Is there a security feature for spam signups (ie prove you are human)?


Hello ddavis. Thanks for the question.

Just to clarify. Do you mean as a feature for the custom forms you create when you make a lead gen’ page in Unbounce?




Thanks ddavis.

There are no security features for forms in the product at the moment.

I’d be very interested to hear a bit more about exactly what your concern is when it comes to lead generation (what situation you are hoping to avoid,) and if you have any preferences in terms of methods we could implement (Captcha, or something similar?)

We are always looking at ways we can improve Unbounce and we realize that some features are very important to particular customers.

I realize this isn’t the answer you were hoping to hear, hopefully it isn’t too much of a barrier for you.


My thoughts are in-line w/ Jason’s - normally a lead-gen from should have as few barriers as possible. Typically, a landing page setup would be connected with an advertising plan (in my case a sponsored link campaign) in which we cast visitors directly to our pages. I’m looking to hear back from you on this :slight_smile:


I think you gents are right on the need for security when implementing a simple lead gen model.

How about e-mail validation? Could you implement a validation tool? Maybe a partnership with an e-mail service for automation. If the landing page has some give away value (like ours) the user may want to have this incremental step.

I have rec’d several false emails since we launched our campaign but I guess that is to be expected.


Great point! I’d envision something along the lines of a confirmation email that goes something like this:


Thank you for taking the time to submit your information. Our team of highly specialized sales consultants will contact you soon. To expedite this request - and be placed at the top of our queue, please click the following link to validate your email address.…

Once again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Should you require a faster response, you may call us at +1(860) 515-8469 or email us at


Bob Orchard
Founder & CEO
TinyPint Design & Consulting

A simple, quick email such as this inspires customer appreciation by offering to place them at the top of your list, gets them to validate their email address, and reaffirms their belief in your company’s support and responsiveness by offering your phone number or email address.

Of course, I’ve populated it with my personal company’s information and the person may not validate the request, but I’d set it up in a manner of which that still gets the message over to us, but flags validated addresses as ‘High Priority’.

A secondary solution would be along the lines of being able to check form submissions directly through Unbounce’s administration panel. I can put together a mock-up if the team is interested in looking at it. It would only require the database entries be pulled into a form-related view.

Thoughts from the team?


Any new security tools since last year?


We simply have to get CAPTCHA on the forms. The spam we are receiving is increasing by day. My sales team is getting tired of it. I wouldn’t think this would be very hard to add to the service. It has been 3 years since the first request for CAPTCHA.

I understand that y’all are working on many things, but this is becoming a necessity.


I just received seven forms in a row in 10 seconds and all were spam.


6 spam form submissions since midnight.


Hi all!

Just thought I would give an update here in regards to where we’re at with spam filtering. We’ve come a long way from simply blocking problem IP’s, and just recently we managed to deploy a few tools internally that can help us manage spam faster, and more efficiently.

To give you a bit more info about this, Derek from our Platform team just released a post on our Inside Unbounce blog detailing our new spam filtering techniques, including details about how our new anti-spam tools work and the amount of spam we’re able to catch because of them.

I highly suggest checking out the article here:…

Lastly, if anyone in the community has any questions about these tools or how they impact you as a user - please feel free to ask!