Side Scrolling Stroke Bug


Love the new updates to Unbounce, but a bug has appeared. I’ve noticed it on multiple pages that are using the parallax section feature. Hope this is followable:

If you (1) create a section (2) stretch background to page edges and then (3) apply a thick stroke to the section it causes a problem in the published/previewed page. The stroke is auto applied to the edges of the stretched section, and makes the page scroll left and right ever so slightly. Very annoying until you figure out what’s happening.

The only way to fix it is uncheck “stretch background to page edges” and under the stroke options uncheck left and right. After that you’ll be able to re-check stretch background to page edges again without that side to side scroll.

Like I said, this is a brand new issue as stroke and stretch worked together beautifully in the past. I’d love to see this bug squashed! Until then, this is how you fix it.


Hey there! Thanks for pointing this out. We area actually already aware of the issue and working toward a fix in the near future.

I’ll keep you updated when the problem has been resolved completely 


Thanks, Johnny!