Showing number of Leads/Conversions


How can I show the number of leads(conversion) that came through a form on the landing page?


Hi @jumponweb,

You have a couple of options if you want to show the number of leads on your page:

  1. Ping the Unbounce API, get the number of leads and display it on the page.

  2. You can try to hack it around with Google Sheets. Record every lead in a Google Sheet. Do a count in a separate sheet and embed that 2nd sheet or just the cell you need.

Hope this points you in the right direction.



Hi @Hristian,

Kind of figured it out using api console that I need to use /pages/{page_id}/leads

Next question is how do I get this data with jQuery? I’m hoping to write some js to so that when the page loads it can query and get the lead count from API

How can I authenticate the api with in the unbounce page, I saw that authentication can be done using the api key but doesn’t this expose the api key which is not secure?

Also does the Unbounce free plan get access to an api key?



Hi @jumponweb,

You would have to authenticate with the Unbounce API through a backend script. You can’t or rather you should not do it through the front-end (JS).

As far as API access, your best bet is to chat with awesome folks at Unbounce support. I’m pretty sure all plans get access to the API and there isn’t a free plan anymore so I’m not sure which plan you are using.