Showing all groups a landing page is in simply and effectively


I tend to group landing pages into multiple groups (a/b testing group, by category, etc) and was wondering if anyone else used groups the same way?

I’d like to see a feature with colored group folders next to the group names + seeing a small swatch of corresponding color on the landing page Overview.

TL;DR: An idea for a simple indicator of which page is in what group(s) very quickly and easily!


Hi Jay, thanks for the suggestion! We’ve discussed some similar improvements before, and your suggestion makes a lot of sense. I have actually taken a look at how our customers use groups though and the majority of them only tend to have one group per page. In fact, only 5% of pages in a group are in *more than one* group. So you are actually only one of a few using groups more as “labels” than “folders.”

That being said, would you be terribly disappointed if we switched groups to behave more like a typical folder structure, and perhaps allowed for nested groups?


That is an excellent idea - I would love having the ability to use nested/sub-folders!

edit: this is Jay.