Show survey for site leavers


can I redirect visitors to my unbounce landing page to a survey URL if they don’t complete the form on my site ?


Hi Richard, 

Do you want to redirect visitors from your website to an Unbounce page?


Do you want to redirect visitors who don’t complete a form on your Unbounce page to a survey?

Both are possible but I would be cautious with redirecting visitors if they are not expecting it. 

Instead, I would suggest using an exit intent based survey tool, like one of the features of Hotjar.

It generally bad UX to redirect people if they haven’t requested it. 



Hi Hristian

Thanks for your reply. I wanted to offer participation in a survey to anyone leaving my unbounce page without completing the form

Kind regards


Hi Richard, 

The easiest way to accomplish a survey would be to trigger it on exit intent. 

Here’s a bit moredocumentation on how to achieve this with Hotjar but there are plenty of other tools that can do the same. 

Detecting if a visitor has actually filled out your form and only showing the survey to those who haven’t would be tricky.




Hristan beat me to the punch. I would recommend using a service like HotJar or Qulararoo to do something that is discrete but highly effective. 



Another tool you might want to look into is OptinMonster. You can set up exit intent popovers with a little more visual flair than some of the survey tools.