Show current month in text, possible?


var now = new Date();    dateFormat(now, “dddd, mmmm dS, yyyy, h:MM:ss TT”);
     // Saturday, June 9th, 2007, 5:46:21 PM

So this is the jquery code I am using that is supposed to display the current date in that span, but it isn’t working.  Is there a way I could just display the current date? possibly just the month?


Hello Pablo,

Welcome and congrats on joining us in the Unbounce community!  I am sure this is possible, but might I recommend sharing your landing page and a little more context to your situation?  I might not be the best one to help you with this, but I am sure you are at the right place.

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Hello! The page is All I’m looking to do is change the month automatically




Hey Pablo,

I’m not sure that the code you have above is valid Javascript. I’ve gone ahead and put together a solution that should achieve the functionality you’re looking for.

The first step will be to choose a default word in your text and wrap it in a span with id=“month” in the source of your text box. In your case, it could look like this:

Brand New For October 2015!

Next, paste the script found here in your Javascript section of your landing page with placement ‘Before Body End Tag’:

Once saved and republished, the word that is wrapped in this span will be replaced with the current month on your live landing page.

I hope this helps Pablo!


I am so close to figuring this out.

I’d like to insert today’s date into a text box. 2 things are stumping me.

  1. In the source of the text box, how do you add an id=date so that it is filled in by the java script?

  2. What is the exact java script that outputs todays date in this format: 04/16/2018.

Thanks so much for your help.