Show and tell -- Fomo


hey guys,

we were an early Unbounce api beta tester.

our integration lets performance marketers increase conversions on their unbounce landing pages, by streaming recent lead signups on their site in real-time.

how it works:

1. user connects their Fomo account to Unbounce via OAuth

2. fomo plants webhooks

3. as leads are collected on their Unbounce page, our platform streams them live to other visitors

4. fomo syncs with google analytics to show conversion attribution

we track clicks, impressions, work with GA events and goals, and allow custom UTM params.

look forward to seeing what others do with the unbounce api.

ryan kulp
founder, Fomo


Love it, @fomo! Big fan of your software, too.


Does this work with phone calls as well? Forms are so 2016 :wink:


hehe, for sure @Mark_H. are you using any software, ie CallRail, to handle inbound phone calls?

our Zapier connection could potentially stream call data (locations, length, person’s name, etc) into live Fomo notifications.

feel free to ping me if you want to swap ideas. i’m