Show all checkbox items in email lead notification

Hi there!

So our client’s landing page form has two checkbox fields with 15 check items each. Leads are being sent to the client through the email notification integration. Right now, under Submitted Form Data, results are showing as option1, option 4, option 5. However, this won’t work very well for our client, who needs ALL checkbox items to show (And tick the checked items in the process) so what he expects to show is:
option1 ✓
option4 ✓
option5 ✓

Hope this makes sense. So it’s not likely this is plausible with the current Email Notification integration but is there any hope into achieving this effect?

I don’t think it can be done with the Unbounce notifications, but you could probably achieve it using something like Zapier and setting up custom Gmail notifications as the leads come in. But you’d need a paid plan for Zapier.