Shouldn't a campaign for signing up for a demo be a Lead Gen page and not a Click-through page?


In the e-course “Improving Your Marketing Campaigns with Landing Pages” in section “1.2 Powering your marketing campaigns with landing pages” there is a table at the bottom which lists types of marketing campaigns and which type of landing page they should be Ñ Lead Generation page or Click-through page. 

They have listed “Scheduling a demo or tour of your product” under “Click-through page”, but I don’t think that makes sense. Can someone explain to me why this isn’t a Lead Gen page? If they click through to a page on your website, then surely the Attention Ratio goes way up because of all the navigation and such. If this campaign were given the landing page type of Lead Gen, then all the necessary information could be on this page with the single CTA of scheduling a demo.

I have read the below Unbounce Community thread already which makes sense and seems to support my initial feelings on this, but it doesn’t expressly answer this particular question.


Thanks, Maggie. That makes perfect sense.


Awesome! Happy to help :smiley:


Hey there - good call, Boxharry! I can definitely see the confusion here - and I believe there’s a couple of different ways to look at this:

  • If the CTA “schedule your demo” click-through leads to a page where users are prompted to use a calendar scheduling tool like or Calendly, it makes sense for this landing page to be a click through
  • If the CTA leads to another form page - it doesn’t make sense.
    I think the intent behind listing ‘schedule a demo’ under the ‘click through’ column on the eCourse was that it links to an actual calendar - I think we can do a better job clarifying this in the eCourse so thank you for pointing that out.

Hope this is helpful!

Maggie Crowley
Unbounce Marketing Educator