Should I Outsource Unbounce Coding?


As non-technical as Unbounce is, I have several problems when trying to integrate javascript, html and css.

I don _t know anything about these things for the life of me.

At the moment, I _m trying to integrate an image slide with images and google maps and I don _t know how to do it.

Could I outsource devlopers to do these things for me?
Do they need to be experienced with unbounce to do it?
Do I call you guys up?
Maybe unbounce doesn _t work with these kinds of features - should I use something else to create these kinds of landing pages?

How should I proceed?


My answers to your questions (as a community user):

Yes you could outsource developers to do those things. Experience in is not necessary as all the editor is a WYSIWYG editor which isn’t difficult to learn.

Unbounce allows custom HTML which means that you can pretty much have anything that doesn’t require a back-end in your unbounce pages. This includes things like google maps. The thing about custom HTML is that you have to write it yourself (or find someone to write it for you). Unbounce has made it clear that they won’t write your custom HTML for you. Unbounce could at some future point add in easier integration with Google maps but at the moment they don’t have that feature.


Hello there Daniel - thanks for reaching out again !

As Jacob mentions, Unbounce’s WYSIWYG editor is designed for it’s ease of use to eliminate the need for I.T

We have some fantastic support articles at, which are really wonderful in helping you familiarize yourself with the editor.

That being said Daniel, if you still think you need some help I can refer you to our design partners, hopefully one of them will do the trick. -
Can typically design a page for about $450 (though they can confirm the cost if you contact them).

Impress by -
Are our premium partners and design for about $999-$2999 including banners. They do excellent work.

Or, while they aren’t necessarily well versed in Unbounce (but shouldn’t have much difficulty figuring it out), you can look into hiring a contractor from oDesk at…. Other customers who have used oDesk in the past have had great feedback about their experiences.

I hope this helps but if you have any further questions, please let me know !


I think you can easily outsource JavaScript issue to specialists like However, I strongly recommend to stay away from hiring freelancers as they are soooo unreliable. I hired freelance developers several times and none of them met the deadline. Better work with a vendor with portfolio and case studies.


If you’re looking to hire a specialist to get you through some tough HTML/Javascript/CSS in Unbounce, I’d probably recommend to reach out to the @Unbounce-Experts. More specifically, @Hristian is a wizard when it comes to all things JS. :muscle:

If they can’t help out with your specific problem, they can likely point you in the direction of someone who can.