Should Google Analytics and Tag Manager both be active in script manager?


I’ve not noticed any issues in the past in tracking page activity but while trying to set up a new goal I found that Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics scripts are both enabled in the script manager. Should I be removing GA or is it fine to have both?

What I usually do is just install Google Tag Manager on Unbounce using the script manager, and then I just install Google Analytics through Google Tag Manager. I don’t think it’s ideal to have both installed via Unbounce. The whole point of GTM is to contain your other tags, including your GA tag. Hope this helps!

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Hi Nicholas - Buds, I’ve been reading up and watched one of your feedback videos great stuff! Learning a ton. Can I ask you one thing here:

I set up clients like that with GA through GTM and GSC through GTM… And add that GTM script into header Etc… Now, when setting up Unbounce pages (using WordPress Pluggin) I still need to add the GTM script into each individual LP yeah?

I’m referring to this excerpt from the knowledge board:

Much appreciation for any clarification on this! :):grinning: