Shared Sections/Blocks


Look at the shiny new feature Unbounce’s competitor launched. Don’t you wish you could do this with Unbounce?

Universal Footer

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Hey Phillip,

That is some nifty functionality, and we definitely have had customers request Global Assets in our community before.

At this point, we don’t have any immediate plans to release similar functionality, but we are listening to your feedback and will make sure our Product Team hears it.

One thing I’d like to clarify/point-out, Global Blocks is an Enterprise-only feature for Instapage, meaning it’s at their highest price point.

Also, we’ve had some resourceful Unbounce customers create similar functionality using multiple pages along with iframes, and while it isn’t something we can support or give you instructions on, you could always give it a go.

Either way, thanks for your candid feedback Phillip!


New to this, but is there somewhere where I can vote for this feature request as well?


I update hundreds of pages in unbounce on an ongoing basis. Each page has about 6 different areas to update (somewhat similar message). Shared sections would save me a ton of time and help my small digital marketing business grow.


Duplicate: Universal Footer


Not having this feature is making me consider a move to Instapage. It would save me hours of editing. We change disclaimers constantly, and it’s hard to do with 60 pages.


Also, iframes don’t work well. The iframe page gets too many visits, and can screw up the analytics.