Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections)


I need to reuse sections accross pages badly! Please let me know if this is out!


Hi Hari - this feature is still on our development road map, but is not out yet. We’re getting closer with a shared scripts, after which we’ll be able to start tackling shared page elements.

Shared features is still high up on our road map, but most of our Dev resources are currently being taken up on responsive pages, shared scripts (which will lead to shared page elements), and improving spam filtering.


I keep a text document on my desktop with the common scripts I use (Google, HubSpot, Smooth Scrolling) and have to copy and paste out of it for each new page.

Same thing for CSS elements I use.

Sort of annoying, but gets the job done for now.


Hey Matt, I’ve tagged your account so that we include you in our alpha/beta when this is ready to roll out. The unofficial word on the street around here is that we’ll be ready to move into Alpha next week!


Hey Carter, would you also tag my account for this feature? thank you!


I’ve gone ahead and tagged your account! We’ll reach out when this feature becomes available.


Hey Justin can you also tag my account for this feature? thanks


Billy - done and done.


Re-using page sections is huge please add this!!!


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Is it feasible in Unbounce to save and reuse custom HTML elements? 


The Shared Assets is exactly what I was looking for. We often have a product and service line list on pages and it often needs updating which gets difficult not having a global asset. This would be a most welcome feature!


Thanks for the feedback, Isaac! 


Hi just checking on an ETA for this feature. We currently manage close to 2,500 pages in our account with 1900 of those for a single client. I can not stress enough how valuable this functionality would be to us. We have had to develop a lot of work arounds to try to manage this efficiently. 


Hey Everyone!

I’m very delighted to announce that Script Manager is now public

If you have any other feedback or suggestions please share them in the post below:…


Hey folks, 

Since this is technically two different ideas in one, I’m going to do a bit of cleaning and make this topic more clear.

The first idea was a way to share javascripts across your pages. As you may already know, we released Script Manager last year which allows you to upload scripts into numerous pages across your domain quickly and easily.

The second idea was a central place to keep page assets, image groups and page sections so you could easily implement them on numerous pages. This way when a change was made to that central asset (such as a page section), it would automatically update on all of your published pages. 

We’ve unofficially dubbed this as ‘shared assets’ at Unbounce, so I’m going to change the name of this request to “Shared Assets (CSS, HTML, Page Sections)” to keep it simple. Feel free to  like _and  _follow _this idea at the top of the page to show your support. 

Lastly, while we don’t have the ability to create a bank of page assets / page sections right now, you _can _save a lot of time by using our supercharged copy/paste feature to get you most of the way. 


Shared Sections/Blocks

this shared library would be soooooo good

definitely be a major pain saver!

Is there an ETA on the dev timeline?