Shared Assets Library (CSS, HTML, Page Sections)


It would be great if we could reuse javascript/html snippets across pages. That would give us a central place to update tracking code, footers, headers, etc.

Custom templates reusable across multiple pages (edit main template area/content and all pages using that template are updated)

That’s a really great idea.

Reuse of Javascript tracking code is definitely something we’ve talked about, and we’ll likely implement a way for you to specify Javascript that will be included on all (or a set of) your pages automatically.

For sharing headers and footers, what if we enabled you to share “sections”? Would that work for you?


Sharing sections would be awesome!


hi Carl,
I think it’s a great idea and even essential to be able to copy sections between landing pages- I often have to use several different landing pages with similar content, so it’s very cumbersome to “recreate” some of the page sections of a landing page and not being able to just copy-paste.


A Page Section Library would be fantastic. I’m only three landing pages in, and I’m already longing for an ability to grab chunks of content I will be using on all pages.


Beeing able to have a page section library would be awesome. I’s such a pain to redo the same steps ever and ever again, when trying new designs…


Just wanted to ask here: would you guys like to see the ability to share more than just page sections? For example, just a form by itself, or a button that you’ve spent some time customizing? Trying to get a sense of how granularly everyone would use this feature if you could share individual elements (or perhaps groups of elements) between pages…


It depends. If i would be able to move a button or similar with drag and drop from one section to another, sharing complete sections would be enough. Otherwise a more granular level would be needed for me.


Ahh ok cool, thanks Adam. We are a couple weeks away from releasing some big drag 'n drop improvements in the editor, and being able to move elements from one section to another will be included in that.


One step would be to just have a library of re-usable snippets, which could be code, page elements, page sections, etc.

Another level would be to have “update once update everywhere” or “share across pages” functionality that might in some way be integrated with this library.


I would find it really helpful to have 3 reusable things across campaigns:

  1. code snippets. As mentioned in another thread when I add a code snippet I would like to be able to add it into my sitewide snippets. Then when I create a new page I could click on the snippets I want from my stockpile.

  2. Forms. I’d be happy with the whole form being re-usable. We integrate unbounce with batchbooks and so all the form field names have to be identical. This is painstaking so having a custom form template that we could drop into the page would save lots of time and minimise errors.

  3. Text or page elements. This is easy enough within a landing page… we can just duplicate and edit. But we also use alot of standard text across multiple campaigns. Especially when we see something test well and want to try it out more broadly. I guess this could work in similar fashion to save an element onto the toolbar and then drag it into a page when needed?


i agree with all of this - It is really disappointing the unbounce team still hasn’t implemented a proper sharing mechanism for page snippets …


I vote for this one too, it will make it much easier if sections and custom codes can be reused.


FYI: The statement below was created as a different idea, and then merged into this one…

Currently when I add a new page, I am able to use all of the image assets I’ve uploaded on previous pages. This is a great time saver. It would be nice to have similar functionality for Custom HTML snippets. This way, I don’t have to copy and paste my snippets in from an external source (like a text document).

Even better would be if you can modify your snippet in the library, and it reflects throughout all of your landing pages. That would make Custom HTML even more powerful for savvy users because now we could do things like place branding images in Custom HTML snippets, and when we change our logo in the snippet it would reflect through all of our pages.

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Custom HTML Library for snippets.


This would be a great feature, been looking for this for 3+ years now.

Would like to share header area, footer area and a navigation bar at the top.


With all of your new templates, I would love to cherry-pick specific things that I like and implement them into my existing pages. For instance, the comparison boxes in the Optio template would work great in several of my existing variants - but I can’t figure out how to use them unless I start over from scratch in Optio.


Hey Chris, we’re actively building shared scripts (we even have the UI designed which is pretty exciting) and soon after will tackle shared content between pages. We’ve been slower to deliver this than we’d like but we’re on it, along with our other most highly requested features. You can read a recent update on this feature development here.


Hi guys, could you let us know where you stand right now regarding simply copying section from one page to another. I think that’s the basic granularity we would need as it would then copy everything from this section into another page (forms, images, text, boxes, html snippets) and I guess it would please many of us. I simply can’t use UB extensively because of such limitation which is discussed for now 3 years.
Just allow me when I click on a section of my page to have an icon to duplicate this section into another page. From there I can move it and edit as I wish.


Hey JP, I answered your other comment over here

To re-iterate though, this feature is very high up on our list and we have already finished a few rounds of design with the UX team. At the moment our page builder dev team is hard at work on our dynamic keywords project for PPC

I like your suggestion though and we will definitely approach this feature as lean as possible to get functionality in your hands as soon as we can.


I need the ability to re-use page sections among different landing pages too!