Share on Twitter plugin


I would like to know if it is possible to add an image on the Twitter post that is generated from the landing page.




I have been playing around with this as well.

If you add a new script to the head with the following you might see the results you are looking for. Twitter doesn’t always honor the OG tag which is why I caveat this with “might”.

 site title   optional can be removed url to the page     your company name       page title    

Someone may have a slicker solution, but this should get the job done.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for your help.
I am not that technical, so could you please clarify what do you mean?

I found how to add the script to the head, but:

 site title (what is this?)   url to the page (my Unbounce page?)    (which link?)  your company name (just my company name or my name on Twitter)  (do I need to add anything here?)    (is this my Twitter handle?)    page title (Unbounce?)    (where does the image sit?)

Sorry but I would need more information.



I just tried this and it looks to be working. Here’s the exact script I added to my Unbounce page. When you create a new tweet, all you need to enter is your tweet content (Hey check out this #marketing article, etc.) and the URL of the Unbounce page where this script is on (Twitter will pick up all of the info automatically). You also need to add URL of where the image is hosted. You might be able to see the live tweet here of the script example:…
Also before you tweet check the URL here here