Several Pdf downloads/links on form confirmation dialog


Hi there,

The way we have designed our landing pages is that after submitting their contact details on the main page, leads go to the form confirmation dialogue to download a Pdf document. The issue when I have several buttons/links on this confirmation dialogue is that once they click on one button then the form confirmation dialogue disappears, meaning they would have to provide their details all over again.

What I’d like is that when they click on the button or link, this opens on a new tab, so that the confirmation dialogue stays open in case they want to click/download something else.

Is this possible?

Many thanks


Hi Jamie,

Unfortunately there’s no way to have an uploaded PDF open in a new tab.

You do still have the option of uploading the PDF elsewhere (like to your website’s hosting, or a file host) and then adding a button to your form confirmation dialog that links to this file’s URL.

You can then set the link’s target to _blank , which will cause it to open in a new window or tab. Here’s where to find that:

Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope this helps!