Setting up Paginated (multipage) conversion forms in Unbounce?


Hi there, I was hoping you could help,

I’m wanting to create Multipage or paginated forms on an Unbounce page.

A bit like this:

I can’t see anything about how to do it through Unbounce.

Can I assume this is something that I’d need to build through jScript and raw HTML to get it to work?

Thanks For any and all help on this!


Hi Andy. We have this working, but maybe not the only way to do it. We built one page, then made a copy of it for each step in the multi-step process, and then made each form submission redirect URL point to the next page. May seem cumbersome, but it works. Just be sure to have your main template looking exactly how you want before you start duping it, otherwise you may have to go back and re-style every page you duplicate.


That’s a good idea!

I’d considered just custom writing the jScript code, I was thinking of split the form up into blocks, but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this (like through fieldsets for example).

Your splitting it up into multiple pages is a good shout, shame about requiring full page refreshes though!

Thanks again, and good shout!


I’d love to know if there is an easier way to do this too.