Setting up Facebook Pixel at domain level


Hi, I’m setting up the Facebook pixel, and so I installed it as directed, at the domain level, using the Unbounce scripts manager. No problem there.

However, now, I’m trying to set up Facebook conversions, only on my thank you pages. I am using standard events, so I modified the pixel code as directed by the Facebook instructions, and installed the new code–which includes "fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’);–on my thank you page.

When I load the page though, and check with Facebook’s pixel helper, I see 2 pixels fire. One is for the page view, and the other is for the lead.

So, everything seems to be working, but I just wanted to check and see if this is the proper way to do it. Does the modified pixel code that was added at the page level basically override the pixel code that was placed at the domain level?




That is the best way to to do it! Many people seem to have issues with the 2nd half of the pixel and getting it on the confirmation page. If you are seeing both pixels fire when you call up the /a-confirmation-page.html then its working fine!



Thanks so much, Joe!


Hi there,

In order to set the event tracking pixel on confirmation lightboxes, can I use also use the script manager or do I have to add it as a java script on every single page?

Many thanks!