Setting up Bing conversion tracking Globally


Has anyone figured out a way to implement a global script to track Bing Conversions?

We successfully set up a single tracking goal and script using Dan Kavanaugh’s help file.

However, we have well over a thousand unbounce pages and can’t set up unique Bing goals and scripts for each. Help?



First of all…

THAT’S awesome. But, in this case, perhaps a little frustrating.

Second of all, I know @Stefano has lots of experience using Bing, and has mentioned before that Bing provides you with a generic script that you can add on script manager across all your pages, then you can set up a conversion goal either via an event, or a destination URL. He might be able to share some insight into whether or not you’re able to use something more universal across all your pages.

Stefano? Thoughts?



Have you tried using the script manager to apply your UET tag? You can then use a Destination URL as your Goal/Conversion.


Hi Stefano,

We had the UET tag in the script manager originally but conversions were not being recorded.

In Dan Kavanaughs help page he indicates that:

As Unbounce does not give a unique URL for the conversion page we cannot use ‘Destination URL’ so we are going to be using ‘Event.’

Do you know if this is no longer correct? Are we able to use Destination URL now?

Thanks for help on this one.



Good question - let me check with one of our campaign managers and get back to you!


Hi there!

You are right. We are using custom events - they are pretty simple to set up.

Have a look at documentation for JS event script here.

Let me know if this helps!