Set length of individual form fields


Is it possible to change the length of individual form fields? e.g. if I wanted to have a full length field for email, and a shorter length field for zip code?

If not, please add as a feature request – would greatly improve styling


It is possible by using a custom stylesheet. Create a new custom stylesheet by selecting the Stylesheet popup menu on the bottom toolbar and paste something like this in the stylesheet editing dialog:

<style> <br />
#zip_code {width:180px !important;} <br /> </style>   

The id value - #zip_code - is assuming your form field’s label is “Zip Code”. You can determine the id of a form field by looking in the form editing dialog just below the input field for changing the field label name.

Please note, the change made by the custom stylesheet will only be visible in the preview or published page and not in the editor.



Perfect, thanks!