Set goal to Stripe Checkout

Hello all,

I’m currently using Unbounce to make landing page, and I need to AB Test. I want to use the goal. I’m using Stripe Checkout for the payment page. To use it, I’ve upload Stripe script to appear the button which redirect user to Stripe Checkout.

My need : how can I set a goal when a user click on the payment (stripe) button ? Or better, when a curstomer pay on stripe ?

I’ve found some informations for that, but never exactly this problem, and some informations are years old.

Thank you all !

Hey @JulienBlc!
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If you are looking to track those goals in Unbounce, I believe you would need to use the external conversion tracking script from Unbounce’s documentation.

External conversion tracking is most commonly used when the “conversion” is taking place outside of your Unbounce page - so it’s really common in cases like this when you might be making a sale. You place the script/code on whatever page the visitor lands on after the purchase has been made.

The catch is that the script only works if that page is running on the same domain as your Unbounce page - a subdomain is fine (ex., but you might need to create a separate page in Unbounce that Stripe redirects the visitors to after the sale has been completed.

Feel free to give me a shout if any of this is unclear! :slight_smile: Our support team is also available at as well if that’s easier.

Hey @Alex, Thank you for your answer !

I saw the external conversion documentation, but my problem is that Stripe Checkout is a page where I can’t do anything, including adding a script :sob:

Soon I’ll have my own website, I’ll be able to put any script to track external conversion, but right now I don’t know if the conversion could be triggered by a button clicking but I don’t see how / which trick I could use…

@JulienBlc - does Stripe allow you to redirect to a page after the sale has been made?

It’s pretty common for people using Unbounce to build a separate page (in Unbounce) that they redirect to after the sale has been made.

So the sequence would be: Unbounce page -> Stripe -> Unbounce page (as a thank you page).

Do you think that could be something worth looking into?

@Alex yeah I could do that, but the problem is that my goal is to trigger when the user arrive on the payment page, not when he paid.

I keep looking for a solution.

Have you tried firing the Unbounce external tracking with a custom trigger via GTM?

@Kenji_Sano2 It’s not possible, because the url of each Stripe Checkout page change, and it’s not possible to add js to the Stripe Checkout page.

I’ve found a solution, available here : Set Custom HTML Button as Conversion Goal