Set a Box to Full-Width


How can you set a box to full width?

Not a page section, that’s simple :slight_smile:


Hi John, 
Can you let me know why you’d want to set a box to full-width? Generally my first thought would be to use a page-section, but it seems like you might be trying to do something a little more complicated. 

Can you shed some more details?


I’d also like to do what John asked.  In my case, I prefer a box since it needs to be a transparent overlay over a background image. I don’t think I can accomplish that with a section.  Sorry John - don’t mean to usurp your thread, but hopefully we can both get an answer whether this is possible.


Use case - Page section with full width image parallax background - then use BOX section with say white or black BG color opacity set to 50% with box bg full width.


Or a gradient overlay, that’d be pretty neat.


Anybody ever solve this? Looking for this exact user case.