Set A/B test stats back to previous published version


I recently was messing around with one of our running A/B tests, and decide to promote one of the variants to “Champion” to compare the results relative to that variant, assuming it would only change the stats visualization. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this would disable the current champion completely and reset its stats. I haven’t yet Republished, so I don’t think it has actually changed any of the behavior, but I’d really like to know how I can put everything back to how it was the last time the page was published? Thanks for the help!


Hey Crawford,

It sounds like this would be a great question for our Customer Success team. To get this process started for you, I’ve opened up a support ticket so we can follow up with you directly. Hang tight!


I am also troubled by this behavior: I have several pages that I divert traffic to based on certain factors. When I promote the page that I want to be shown to the champion, it erases the conversion rate stats of the one that I just used. This makes the consistent tracking of the page’s conversion rate impossible. Am I using this incorrectly? Is there some way to prevent this?


Hi Avex - I recommend using Google Analytics to do your tracking. Implement your GA code on the landing pages and get all your data there. If you are running split tests with Unbounce, set up an event to fire on each variant, so you can track performance across different test variations and compare data. 

Using GA will make it easier to get the full picture, moreover it will help you track stuff over time. 

I always do this regardless of which tool I’m using for split testing. My philosophy is to use testing tools for running tests and analytics tools for analyzing results. 


Solid advice, Aagaard.  It’s tough to beat Google Analytics at its own game.




Thank you Joe!