Server Location?


Where are the servers that host Unbounce’s landing pages located? US?


Hi Brian! We host with Amazon’s EC2 service, and are currently in the US West region. That said, we’re growing fast, and are looking to add servers in Amazon’s other regions (US East, Ireland, Singapore) in the near future. Are you targeting a particular region?


Please add one in Singapore.


I’m in the UK, so would prefer European-based servers.

That being said, I’m looking to host a US subdomain on one of my sites to target US traffic, so unbounce might give me a way to test that tactic without shelling out for additional server space.


Hi Carl, any update on the servers in Ireland or Europe? We want to use Unbounce, but the page load time from Canada to Europe is a bit too slow.



is it really important (specially these days with the internet speed) to think about server location for landing page!!?

Just curious to know why!?


Hi Paris! Is it the application, or the published pages you’re finding slow? We just moved our published page serving to the US East region (which should make access from Europe a bit faster), and will shortly enable geo-located load balancing for our application between US West and US East. That *should* help with latency of the app for you a bit.


Hey Ahmad, really good question. The answer is, yes, it does matter. There’s a difference between “speed” and “latency”. Speeds have increased, but latency remains stubbornly bound by the speed of light.

We’re planning on a number of improvements to make Unbounce pages load fast everywhere, but in the meantime, you could look at a service like Cloudflare (see They offer free, transparent CDN acceleration for your pages…


Any plans to use Cloudfront for serving landing pages? Would love to have a proxy or server of some kind in Europe!



Hi there! We have been doing some work on this, and making good progress. Unfortunately, I can’t provide a timeline, but this is in the works. The plan is to start by accelerating images, and then we’ll do this for other page assets as well. However, because of how we’re doing split testing, we’re unable to serve the page itself via a CDN like Cloudfront. But getting images accelerated should really improve the situation for visitors outside North America.


That’s great news! In our case I think accelerated images to a large extent would be sufficient.


Hi Everyone!

We recently deployed loading pages with our Content Delivery Network (CDN) as a Labs feature. Read more about it here and learn about how to set it up for your pages here.



Any update on this? Do you have already servers located in Europe?



Hi there!  We’ve had page servers located in four data centers for quite a while now (apologies for not tracking down this thread and updating when we launched). When you publish your pages, they’re served from US West, US East, Singapore and Ireland. We direct your page visitors to the data center that provides the lowest latency.


HI Carl

That’s great, is it possible to restrict it so that it only goes to the Irish server? UK company and we can’t use US servers (or Singapore I would guess) even if they are faster.



Hey Gordon, great question! We don’t currently offer the ability to restrict visitors based on geolocation, but even if we did, I don’t think that would solve your problem. Our page servers only transit data, they don’t store it. Data storage is currently centralized in US East, which is the bigger problem. This is something we’re working to address in two ways:

  1. We’re working with our lawyers to understand EU privacy laws in a (rapidly evolving) post-Schrems world. This work is ongoing.
  2. We’re looking into adapting our platform to allow EU customers to keep personal data they collect in the EU.
    I’m curious, would you be satisfied with a solution that was compliant with EU law, but still had your data in the US?



Hi Carl,
Is there any update on this topic particularly your mentioned #2?
Many thanks,


Hey there! This is a great question, and one that we’re taking very seriously here at Unbounce.

Unbounce uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for our servers and as our data storage provider. These servers are located in Ireland, Singapore, New York, and San Francisco. We are confident that we, and our servers, are fully compliant with European data protection rules and regulations.

At this time, all customer lead data is still stored in the US. That said, we understand that EU data compliance is hugely important, and we’ll keep our customers updated as we make strides in this area.

I hope this helps to clarify things for you! If you have any other questions, please do reach out again!