Sending Country ISO code from a contact form to Salesforce - Help


I have landing pages with a contact form and one of the fields is Country. For UX reasons, I have put the full name of the countries in a dropdown menu. However, when I try to field map the data over to Salesforce I am not able to do so because my Salesforce only accepts ISO codes. This is because we have our website in over 10 languages so it’s not practical to accept country names in all those languages.

I was wondering if anyone knows how to convert a full country name from a dropdown menu to the correct ISO code to send over to Salesforce using the native field mapping integration.

For reference:

Thank you in advanced!


Hey Jonathan,

This community post is probably what you are looking for and it would help you swap out country names for ISO codes.


Hi Hristian,

Yes, it worked.

Thank you!


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