Sending Adwords Keyword Through Zapier To Infusionsoft?


Just started using unbounce and love it. I have used Zapier to integrate forms with infusionsoft and that is working well.

Just one more piece would love to do. Anyway I could extract the exact search phrase inbound to Unbounce and somehow stuff that into my Infusionsoft contact as well?


Hey Chris - You can pull the keywords from your URL parameters and hold them into hidden fields on your forms. You can read more about it here:…

Once that data is captured into your form I assume Zapier requires you to map your Unbounce fields to the exact names of the Infusionsoft fields.…

That should be the required setup, but I’d double check with Zapier on their requirements for mapping those custom fields

Hope that helps!


Thanks Johnny.

Got that working perfectly.

I also run Microsoft ads and I am looking for the equivalent of doing ?utm_source={keyword} so I can then capture that from Microsoft ads.

Any suggestions? Could not seem to find anywhere discussed.


Hi Chris, you should be able to use the same format - {keyword} - in addition to a few other placeholders like {QueryString}. Does this help?…