Send Pepper Integration


Hi All,

Has anyone out there managed to get Unbounce forms working with an email marketing service called Send Pepper? Unbounce forms are way better for conversion and customization and I’d like to use them over the Send Pepper JS/HTML form code that’s provided.

There’s currently no Unbounce Integration for this service and using the Web Hook method is beyond where I’m at with my coding skills :frowning:

I was wondering if anyone in the community had prior experience in getting this working and might be able to help? Paid. Of course.




Hi Dan,

No experience with Send Pepper but plenty with webhooks, custom coding and integrations. I’d like to take a little look for you, if you could ping me an email with your details I’ll let you know what would be needed to be done.

I’m on




Dan, I looked at a few packages but then just opted to go with MailChimp. No technical expertise required at all to integrate or create emails.


Hi Guys,
Sorry - I’m looking for someone who has Send Pepper experience, as this work is for a client, who is already deeply embedded using the Send Pepper service. If I decide to proceed with any further work I’ll look back here. Cheers.


No probs Dan, good luck with it and I hope you find the right person. 




Dan - did you ever figure this out? I’d like to do the same thing. 


Hi Josh, No I didn’t. The clients new landing page is still converting nicely for them, so they are happy, shame though. Would have been nice to have been able to integrate fully. Let me know if you make any progress on it! :-) 


Thanks Dan. So how do the email addresses they capture get into their automation system (sendpepper)? 


In the end we used the standard Send Pepper JS form code, it was either that or the HTML version inside an Unbounce Custom HTML box, placed in a really, really specific position!


OK thanks!